Conference on Random matrices

June, 1 - 4, 2010



Random matrix theory has its origins in the 1920s in the works of Wishart in mathematical statistics and in the 1950s in the works of Wigner, Dyson and Mehta on the spectra of highly excited nuclei. Since then the subject has developed fast and has found applications in many branches of mathematics and physics, ranging from quantum field theory to statistical mechanics, integrable systems, number theory, statistics, and probability. The workshop, organised by the ANR project GranMa, intends to cover the recent advances in random matrix theory, with an emphasis on the probabilistic aspects.



The conference will take place at the Centre de Mathématiques de Jussieu / Chevaleret, 175 rue du Chevaleret,  75013 Paris, France. Adviced hotel: Jack’s Hotel.

Confirmed participants


Teodor Banica (Cergy), Gérard Ben Arous (New York), Florent Benaych-Georges (Paris 6), Yacine Barhoumi (Zurich), Philippe Biane (Marne la Vallée), Charles Bordenave (Toulouse), Philippe Bougerol (Paris 6), Paul Bourgade (Telecom Paris), Mireille Capitaine (Toulouse), Djalil Chafaï (Marne la Vallée), Benoît Collins (Lyon & Ottawa), Sophie Corteel (Paris 7), Kim Dang (Zurich), François David (CEA Saclay), Steven Delvaux (Leuven), Klaas Deschout (Leuven), Catherine Donati-Martin (Paris 6), Bertrand Eynard (CEA Saclay), Maxime Fevrier (Toulouse), Dries Geudens (Leuven), Vyacheslav Girko (Kiev), Olivier Guedon (Marne la Vallée), Alice Guionnet (Lyon), Adrien Hardy (Leuven), Malika Kharouf (Telecom Paris), Arno Kuijlaars (Leuven), Michel Ledoux (Toulouse), Mylène Maïda (Paris 11), Antony Metcalfe (Paris), Jamal Najim (Telecom Paris), Alexandru Nica (Waterloo), Ashkan Nikeghbali (Zurich), Eric Nordenstam (Louvain), Neil O’Connell (Warwick), Alain Pajor (Marne la Vallée), Leonid Pastur (Kharkov), Sandrine Péché (Grenoble), Ionel Popescu (Georgia Tech), Raj N. Rao (U. Michigan), Pablo Roman (Leuven), Alain Rouault (Versailles), Benjamin Schlein (Bonn), Lun Zhang (Leuven), Jean-Bernard Zuber (Paris 6).



Florent Benaych-Georges (Paris 6) & Alice Guionnet (ENS Lyon).

Contact : Florent Benaych-Georges

Poster of the conference

Program and some practical information


You can download it here. The slides of the talks are here.