workshop on

Nonlinear Control and Singularities

Porquerolles (83400 HYERES LES PALMIERS, France), October 24th-28th, 2010

Local Organizers

  • Ulysse Serres (Lyon)
  • Francesco Rossi (Marseille)
  • Jean-Paul Gauthier (Toulon)
  • Ugo Boscain (Paris)
  • Yacine Chitour (Paris)

  • The aim of this workshop is to presents recent developments in the field of nonlinear control (controllability, optimal control, sub-Riemannian geometry) and singularity theory.This workshop is financed by CNRS and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research via a "bilateral scientific seminar". It is moreover co-financed by the ANR GCM and by the ERC project GeCoMethods.

    List of Speakers

    Preliminary Program