Contrabass-clarinet, Piano, Improviser

Born in 1968, he studied classic piano (graduated in 1991 at Conservatorio di Alessandria, Italy), composition (Conservatorio di Torino) and orchestral conducting (Orvieto, corsi di Spazio Musica). At the same time he showed a deep interest in improvised music.
He studied with Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron, Joelle Leandre, Evan Parker and Johannes Bauer.
Since the late 80s he is an active pianist improvviser. He was co-funder of the group ``Enten Eller'' in Turin (Italy).
He played with Tristan Hossinger, Joelle Leandre, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Carlo Actis Dato, Giovanni Maier, Claude Parle, Theo Nabicht and many others musicians.
In the last 10 years he has actively devoted himself to the study of the contrabass clarinet. Nowadays he is one of the few specialists of this very rare instrument.
He recorded about 10 CDs and made more than 100 concerts.
In 2015, he played for the Sonic Genome of Anthony Braxton in Torino.
Beside music, he is researcher in Mathematics at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France) and professor of Control Theory at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris). For more information see

contact: ugo.boscain -AT-

Recent projects:

-) Nebula Machina
(avec Leila Soldevila, double bass and Jerome Fouquet, trumpet)                

-) clarinet trio "Charles Houvenaghel

-) Trio Fireworks

-) Sarrusophone duo with Jouk Minor

-) mimesys with Michele Spanghero. Click here to see the video at "Bologna perAspera Festival" (June 2013)

-) Contrabass clarinet solo

-) Duo of contrabbass clarintes (with Jean-Luc Petit). Click here to listen the Atelier Tampon concert (Paris, 13 October 2013).

-) Trio of contrabbass clarintes (with Jean-Luc Petit and Theo Nabicht)

-) Trio Frasque: Ugo Boscain (contrabass clarinet), Claude Parle (accordeon), Fred Marty (double bass). Click here to see a video with Itaru Oki (trumpet) and Jean-Luc Petit (contrabass clarinet)

-)DOB orchestra


-) Nebula Machina

Videos from my recent tour in NYC

Ugo Boscain with Jack Wright

Ugo Boscain with Ellwood Epps

Ugo Boscain with Ellwood Epps, Reuben Radding, Jack Wright, PART 1

Ugo Boscain with Ellwood Epps, Reuben Radding, Jack Wright, PART 2

Solo in ABCNorio

Ugo Boscain and Jack Wright on contra-bass and contra-alto clarinets


Enten Eller "Streghe", CMC Records (1988)

Enten Eller "Cassandra". Splas (1989)

Enten Eller "Antigone". Splas (1991)

G. Maier ``Musica per pianoforte a quattro mani'' Palomar Records (2001)

Mymesis (2007)

Mymesis live (2008)

Petrolio "End of Vision". Gruenrekorder (2010)

DOB Orchestra "Tageskarte". Palomar Records (2008)