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        Juliette Bouhours

        Postdoctoral fellow at École Polytechnique within the CMAP
        Financed by FMJH and LMH
        Under the supervision of Sylvie Méléard and Gaël Raoul


        École Polytechnique - CMAP
        Palaiseau, France
        Office : 00-2029         Email address: juliette.bouhours@polytechnique.edu


      Reaction-diffusion equations, integro-differential and integro-difference equations, traveling wave solutions

      - Mathematical modeling in life sciences
      - Study of invasion phenomena in heterogeneous media:
            - influence of the domain geometry on the propagation of traveling wave solutions (reaction-diffusion equations),
            - influence of global warming on ecological population sensitive to temperature (reaction-diffusion equations and integro-difference equations).
      - Numerical simulations (FreeFem++, Matlab)
      - Applications to biology and medicine