Milica Tomasevic

Chargée de Recherche CNRS
CMAP Ecole polytechnique
Equipe PEIPS

E-mail: milica'dot'tomasevic'at'polytechnique'dot'edu

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Short Bio

  1. 2021-... CNRS Researcher, CMAP Ecole polytechnique;
  2. 2022-... Part-time Lecturer, DMAP Ecole polytechnique;
  3. 2018-2021 Hadamard Lecturer (2y) and DIM MathInnov Postdoc (1y), CMAP Ecole polytechnique;
  4. 2015-2018 PhD student at TOSCA, Inria SAM: thesis; advisor D. Talay.

Research topics

  1. Interacting particle systems, singular and non-Markovian interaction;
  2. Non-linear SDEs in the sense of McKean-Vlasov;
  3. Fokker-Planck PDEs with singular interaction;
  4. Branching processes;
  5. Biological applications: collective cell motion, formation of biological networks, telomer shortening.


  1. On a multi-dimensional McKean-Vlasov SDE with memorial and singular interaction associated to the parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel model, with G. Woessner.
  2. Under minor revision, 2022. arXiv
  3. Quantitative approximation of the Keller-Segel and Burgers equations by moderately interacting particles, with C. Olivera and A. Richard.
  4. Preprint, 2022. arXiv


  1. Propagation of chaos for stochastic particle systems with singular mean-field interaction of Lp - Lq type.
  2. Electron. Commun. Probab. 28 1 - 13, 2023. arXiv DOI
  3. Blow-up for a Stochastic Model of Chemotaxis Driven by Conservative Noise on R^2, with A. Mayorcas.
  4. J. Evol. Equ. 23, 57, 2023. DOI arXiv
  5. Particle approximation of the doubly parabolic Keller-Segel equation in the plane , with N. Fournier.
  6. J. Funct. Anal. Vol. 285, article 110064, 2023. DOI arXiv
  7. Quantitative particle approximation of nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations with singular kernel , with C. Olivera and A. Richard.
  8. Ann. Sc. Norm. Super. Pisa Cl. Sci. (5), Vol. XXIV: 691-749, 2023. DOI arXiv
  9. Reducing exit time of diffusions with repulsive interactions, with P.-E. Chaudru de Reynal, M. H. Duong, P. Monmarché and J. Tugaut.
  10. ESAIM: PS. 27:723-748, 2023. DOI arXiv
  11. Ergodic behaviour of a multi-type growth-fragmentation process modelling the mycelial network of a filamentous fungus, with V. Bansaye et A. Véber.
  12. ESAIM: PS, 26:397-435, 2022 . DOI
  13. A new McKean-Vlasov stochastic interpretation of the parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel model : The two-dimensional case.
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  18. Elec. Communications Probab. 23, no. 84: 1–14, 2018. DOI arXiv

Member of Research grants

  1. ANR-FAPESP project SDAIM, 2023-2027, coordinator: F. Russo
  2. SMAI-CIRM Research in residence, 2023, coordinator M.T.
  3. ANR NEMATIC: Analyse, Modelisation et Simulation Multi-échelle, coordinator E. Herbert (Univ de Paris Cité), 2021-2025.
  4. Projet SAKURA avec Univ. de Tohoku, Japon, with J. Tugaut et K. Fujie., 2021-2023.
  5. Projet PEPS JCJC intitulé “Blow-up dynamics and stochastic Keller–Segel models of chemotaxis”, coordiantor M.T. 2022.
  6. ANR JCJC METANOLIN: Metastabilité de processus non-linéaires , coordinator J. Tugaut, 2019-2023.
  7. Chaire MMB : Mathematical modelisation and biodiversity (Véolia Environnement, École Polytechnique and Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle), coordinator S. Méléard.


  1. Thesis of J. Olayé, co-supervised with M. Doumic, 2022-...
  2. Scientific co-referent of Hadamard Lecturer T. Cavalazzi , co-superviosn with A. Richard, 2023-...

Administration and animation

  1. Co-responsable of the thematic group MABIOME of SMAI, 2022-...
  2. Some seminars and conferences I co-organize(d):
    1. Seminar of Probability pole of CMAP (formerly PEIPS seminar as well, since 2021)
    2. Annual Research School of MMB Chaire in Aussois (since 2020).
    3. Research School Stochastic and Deterministic Analysis for Irregular Models CIRM Luminy, jan 2024
    4. Research School Collective behavior and Pattern formation CIRM Luminy, jul 2024
    5. Conference A Random Walk in the Land of Stochastic Analysis and Numerical Probability in honour of D. Talay, Luminy, sept 2023