CamTrackr is an app that augments your sport video with geolocalized widgets, such as speed, distance, maps, altitude, and more. CamTrack mobile captures your performances while CamTrackr desktop embeds it into your videos. I have been the main iOS and Mac developper on this app.
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SoBlock is a block building game (like Minecraft) with a sparse voxel octree engine. Blocks far away are coarse and get dynamically refined when the player moves closer. Players can also add or remove blocks of arbitrary dyadic size. Written in java / opengl (with LWJGL) in collaboration with Maxime Theillard.
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Gps4cam is an iOS app for geotagging pictures taken with cameras that do not have a built-in GPS. I have contributed to this app by developping a synchronization feature using Google App Engine.
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