Zoltán Szabó

Department of Applied Mathematics, #00 3017
Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP)
École Polytechnique [on Google Maps; local time: ]
Route de Saclay, 91128 Palaiseau, France
Email: zoltan (dot) szabo (at) polytechnique (dot) edu
Zoltán Szabó
(photo credit: Peter Richtárik)
I am a Research Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics, École Polytechnique. My main research interests are information theory (ITE), statistical learning, empirical processes, kernel methods, with occasional excursions in remote sensing (sustainability), distribution regression, hypothesis testing, structured sparsity, independent subspace analysis and its extensions, collaborative filtering, face emotion recognition and face tracking, natural language processing.
Latest News:

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Aug. 28 - Sept. 1 Organizing: I am Program Chairing DS3.
July 14-19 Workshop: Greek Stochastics Workshop - Model Determination

= adaptive linear-time nonparametric goodness-of-fit test

June - July Service: reviewing @ NIPS-2017
June 28 Workshop: UCL Workshop on the Theory of Big Data
[abstract, code]
June 12 Service: Ph.D. committee member @ Romain Brault's defense
May - June Service: SPC @ UAI-2017
May 17 Talk @ Télécom ParisTech: PASADENA Seminar
[abstract, code]
May 9 At: ParisBD-2017
May 4 Talk @ ML journal club
Apr. - May Service: SPC @ ICML-2017
end of Apr- Service: ref. professor @ Camille Jandot's internship
Apr. 17-20 At: DALI-2017
March Service: reviewing @ COLT-2017
Mar. 27 Talk @ Henri Poincaré Institute: Parisian Statistics Seminar
[abstract, slides, code]
Mar. 24 Talk @ Marseilles: Signal Processing and Machine Learning Seminar
[abstract, slides, code]
Mar. 16 Talk @ Orsay: Probability and Statistics Seminar
[abstract, slides, code]
Spring Lecturing: Structured Data: Learning, Prediction, Dependency, Testing
Feb. 27 Grant: a postdoc/1Y, joint work with Florence d'Alché-Buc & Arthur Tenenhaus
Feb. 24 Workshop: Probabilistic Graphical Model Workshop
[slides, code]
Feb. 2 Talk @ Télécom ParisTech: Machine Learning Seminar
[abstract, slides, code]
Feb.- Organizing: ML journal club; co-organizers: Erwan Scornet, Alain Virouleau
- Jan. Service: SPC @ AISTATS-2017
Dec. 3-11 At: NIPS-2016: our 3-minute spotlight video, slides, poster, code; workshop
Nov. 27 - Dec. 2 At: New Directions for Learning with Kernels and Gaussian Processes Dagstuhl Seminar
[slides, code]
Nov. 22 Talk @ CMAP seminar
[abstract, slides, code]
Nov. 21 Talk @ Facebook AI Research
[abstract, slides, code]
Nov. 18 Software: ITE in Python: released.

= several information theoretical estimators

Oct. 18 TR: An Adaptive Test of Independence with Analytic Kernel Embeddings
[paper, code]

= adaptive linear-time nonparametric independence test

Oct. 5 Talk @ 'Statistics with coffee' seminar
Fall Lecturing: Functional Data Analysis
Sept. 29 Paper: Learning Theory for Distribution Regression
[paper, code]
appeared @ JMLR

= minimax optimal regression on probability distributions

Sept. Starting at École Polytechnique!
Organizing: Adaptive and Scalable Nonparametric Methods in ML workshop @ NIPS-2016
Aug. 24 Talk @ Realeyes
[slides, code]
Aug. 12 Paper: Interpretable Distribution Features with Maximum Testing Power
[paper, 3-minute spotlight video, poster, code]
to appear @ NIPS-2016 (full oral paper = top 1.84%)

= adaptive linear-time nonparametric two-sample test

July 10 Workshop: Kernel methods for adaptive Monte Carlo
[abstract, slides]
presented @ Greek Stochastics Workshop on Big Data and Big Models

= kernel based fast sampling from Bayesian posteriors (big data regime)

June 29 Workshop: eResearch Domain launch event (London)
June 22 Talk @ PRNI-2016
[abstract, slides]
June 11-16 At: ISNPS-2016: details @ 'Mar. 17'
May 6 Workshop: Distinguishing Distributions with Interpretable Features
[paper, spotlight, poster, code]
accepted @ ICML-2016: Data-Efficient ML
Apr. 25 Talk @ UCSD
[slides, code]
Service: SPC @ UAI-2016
Mar. 17 Workshop: Minimax-Optimal Distribution Regression
[abstract, slides, code]
accepted @ ISNPS-2016
Mar. 16 Talk @ MPI, Tübingen: Special Symposium on Intelligent Systems
[abstract, slides, code]
Mar. 14 Talk @ École Polytechnique
[abstract, slides]
Mar. 9 Talk @ Imperial College London
[abstract, slides]